Monday, March 21, 2011

A string of events worth praying for...

I'm not a religious person, but in times like these, I wish I was.  I take a more spiritual approach and hope that the prayers I say are heard and answered.
In the recent weeks, I've learned of illness in loved ones and a tragedy taking a dear childhood friend's husband, leaving behind her, a two year old baby girl and twins on the way. 
I wish my blog had thousands of followers, so I could truly spread the word for those in need. Instead I'm circulating the ways to help through every medium I know. Two incredible websites have been set up and are a great start to making life just a little easier for my friend and babies that lost their husband and daddy. 

The first website is called Take Them A Meal, and while I don't think just anyone should sign up for this, it's probably best to keep it to friends, family and coworkers, it's a site I wanted to share because it's absolutely BRILLIANT.  It creates organized meal plans, so that everyone can bring meals to the family or person in need.
Here's the site:

The next is a way anyone and everyone can help Kristi, Chloe and the twins on the way, immediately and even years from now.  An account has been set up at and she will received gift certificates that are good for thousands of necessary baby products that never expire.
Please go here for simple instructions on how to help the Kaplons!
Please help spread the word!

Lots of love and prayers to Kristi, Chloe, the babies and their families!
Hold your loved ones close tonight and always!


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