Thursday, March 10, 2011

I was already planning our retirement...

...until I realized our brilliant idea had already been thought of.  As you know, I love my husband more than ANYTHING, but I also LOVE sleep!  I find that the older I get the harder time I have with it.  Whether it's waking up to pee or just not being able to fall asleep, I just don't seem to sleep as well as I used to. 
Because of this, I take the sleep I do get VERY seriously.  Cuddling, pillow talk, sexy time are all pre-sleep activities.  When it's time to sleep it's MY SIDE/YOUR SIDE and I mean business.  If Shane even creeps near my side I wake up and tell him to move (very mean of me, I know... I'm going to work on not waking him).

So this battle of the bed sides sparked Shane to measure our Cal King, split it in half and put a piece of masking tape on our sheets.  See below.

You're probably laughing, but if you know my husband you know he likes to prove his point!  See he feels very strongly that I'm the bed hog and that he doesn't creep on my side.  Well this piece of tape was brilliant and made us come up with an idea.   Why not create amazing sheets (because quality bedding is of the utmost importance) that have a line down the middle and then under where there pillow goes there are the words MINE/YOURS or HIS/HERS.  Can you see these at Pottery Barn now?  I can.  I was thinking simple and understated, no one would know from looking at your perfectly made bed, only you and yours when you  crawl in to get a peacefully night's sleep on your side of the bed.  :)
So after our usual walk around the Brentwood Country Club brainstorming the name of our little business venture and all that we could do with it, pre-planning vacations and retirement with all the money we were going to make, I came home and googled his/her sheets, mine/yours...  And sure enough the idea has been taken.  Here's what I found.

kinda cute, not totally what I had in mind.  kuddos on the simplicity and dual color option

these are definitely too busy for my liking, but still it's the same idea.

Back to the drawing board.
Maybe I should really consider manufacturing my Bachelorette Dart Board

Things that make you go hmm... 

S vs. S

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