Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holy Blog Hiatus Batman!

So 6 months pretty much came and went faster than I could blink.  
Our teeny tiny baby is turning into a little girl before our very eyes. 
At times she seems so much older than 6 months to me. 
So curious and interested in every little thing.
She claps her feet and now her hands and entertains us with her cute emerging personality!
Since I last wrote, we went on vacation to Kauai where Lo turned 6 months. 
She loved Hawaii, almost as much as her daddy does. 
The island breeze, swimming every day, long walks with plenty of trees and flowers, constant attention from Mama, Dada, Bon Bon and Papa BoBo. 
She was in heaven!
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.



She isn't happy enough, we're going to have to spank her more!  heehee
Since Hawaii, we've been home and BUSY. 
Baby showers, meeting babies, traveling for Mama's work, saying "Mamamamamama" (first word?), dressing up for Lo's first Halloween, attending our first USC tailgate, moving into a house...
 Celebrating Thanksgiving with our mommy and baby friend's and their families. 
 Lo's first Halloween!
Class pumpkin!
Seriously can't get over Scarlett Spaghetti. Her momma gets an award for making that epic costume!
Cutest cowgirl in town!

Lo's first USC Homecoming
Still Fighting On, despite the not so great season!
 Welcome to the world Hudson Leland Armstrong! 
We love you so much already.
Grateful for my family, friends, health, happiness and our daughter who lights up our life everyday! 
Looking forward to the holidays.
Hope to blog about some holiday gifts I'm making...
Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Always something new?!

The juggle of baby, work, life and now a move continues!
Lo makes me smile a 1,000 times on a daily basis.
Whether she's laughing or performing a new trick, I seriously just can't get enough of her.
As I've already blogged, we started our food journey with solids.
A combinations of laziness, exhaustion and the dauntingness of opening the box to my Baby Brezza, had Lo eating rice cereal and mashed bananas for a few weeks.
BUT one day, I finally opened it and it's seriously the easiest, most genius machine I've ever used in the kitchen.
Wash, peal, chop, add it to the machine, select food type, press a button and it steams and purees the food into a perfect mush!
First Adventure- Sweet Potatoes...

Baby Brezza is from William Sonoma.
Buy yours here.
25 minutes later my masterpiece was ready.
 Bought these little gems at the Pump Station.
Perfect little portions for freezing.
 Lo approved!
Obsessed with her new little tongue out funny face!

In other news:
She's getting so big, we had to move her from the infant tub.
This inflatable tub is awesome!
She loves it!
Buy here.
Sitting up, a little skeptical about it, but getting better and better at it each day.
Pink basket in the front of this pic is her favorite toy at the moment.
Grandma Bon Bon does research and buys her the BEST toys.
Buy here.
I was worried she wasn't getting enough liquid with just breast milk and wanted to be sure she wasn't dehydrated now that she's having solids.
She refuses anything out of a bottle besides BM, so someone recommended one of these sippy cups with the soft spout.
She can hold it herself and LOVES it.
Bought it at the Pump Station as well.
We frequent there, as you can see.

That's what's new here.
Looking forward to a move next month and ALL the holidays this Fall. 
Lo makes life complete!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are you sure she's 5 months already?

Can somebody freeze time or at least slow it down a little? PLEASEEEEE! 
Our lil LoLo Bug is growing up in TOO fast! 
Long gone are the days that I can rest her in the nook of my legs as they are up on the coffee table and stare at her cuteness.
She wants to be movin and a shakin at all times. 
If she could crawl, stand and walk, she would.
Our adventures with food continues... just introduced peas and they aren't so Lo approved yet, but we'll keep trying.
She LOVES her Rainforest Jump-A-Roo.
When we first put her in it, we had to stuff burp cloths all around her, she couldn't touch the ground and barely did anything. 
Now we are down to one burp cloth and she goes crazy playing and touching all the sensory toys around it.  
It's amazing to watch her become more and more into various toys and books.
 Have I mentioned how much she LOVES her feet? 
She can even put both in her mouth... so talented, she is.
We couldn't be more in love and proud of our baby girl.
In October, our next adventure begins, as we move into a little house and neighborhood.
Looking forward to having sunlight and a yard... and of course a red door! 
Bye, bye apartment living and Brentwood, it's been a nice ride, but we're growin up!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rolling over, starting solids and so much more!

It's been a busy busy fun summer watching Lo grow!
Each day brings something new.
Whether it's discovering her voice and making all kinds of sounds, trying out rice cereal or rolling over, we are always on our toes with what's next?
Trying to keep up and not miss anything while enjoying every minute is a tough business for mommy and dada.
 First stop with solids Earth's Best Rice Cereal:
Verdict- Lo Approved

Before                                                    After
She went on her first plane ride to Seattle to meet her 2nd cousins and went to her 1st wedding.

We are blessed with a baby that has an incredible disposition. 
London is content staring up at trees, playing with her feet or being played with.
She goes to others with ease.
For the most part, she soothes herself to sleep and sleeps well.
(minus a few week stint of keeping mommy up all night while she was going through a growth spurt and developmental burst). 
Our sleeping beauty seems to be back on track. 
Next stop on the solid food train: Veggies.
Will they be Lo approved?
Can't believe our baby is almost 5 months. 


Friday, August 10, 2012

4 month little human!

It's amazing that in 4 short months a heart can fill with so much love and joy! 
Tomorrow London will be 4 months old and she has already changed more than most people do in a year.
The above pic is a face she makes all day while making a humming sound that might be the cutest thing you've ever heard. 
She's drooling like a monster and seems to be starting to teethe. Oh joy!
She's very vocal.
Loves the outdoors, starring up at trees and admiring all the colors and sounds.
She just started sleeping in her crib this week. 
Bye, bye Rock n' Play (a must buy for any new mom) and mommy/dada's room. BIG SIGH.
She sleeps like a champ at night, but her naps need some work.
She's in her big girl stroller as of a couple weeks ago as well. This was a little premature, but I think she's happier than she was in the car seat snap and go. 
About two weeks ago, she discovered her feet and I think she likes them more than me.
She's already 26 1/2 inches long.  Not sure how much she weighs, but we'll find out next week at her 4 mos. doc appt. 
She still loves the bath, but long gone are the days where she just lays back and lets us dump water on her.  Now she kicks and creates a water park in our kitchen.  We might have to retire the infant tub soon.
 She did great in Vegas for my annual conference. Bringing a humidifier was probably the best advice we received pre trip.
Next stop Seattle for my Cousin Trent and Sarah's wedding at the end of this month.
Gotta go make dinner, duty calls!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3 MONTHS OLD and a Swimsuit for Mommy!

I sound like I'm on repeat, but holy warp speed batman, time is a flyin. Little London is growing and changing so fast, I can't even handle.  I'd say let's stop the clock, but every day brings something new and wonderful.  I miss that teeny tiny newborn stage, but love the cute little baby girl she's becoming. 
We recently had our friend Geena from Colors + Things Photography take some current photos. 
 I was told to have photos taken often because babies change the most in their first year of life.  Geena was a pleasure to work with and Franklin Canyon was a beyond beautiful location.
Geena has a great eye behind the lens and can really capture gorgeous light. 
Here's some of my favorites from our shoot!

Head is getting stronger and stronger, making tummy time less and less torturous!

STREEEETCH!  (this is one of my favorite things that she does)
That face, I just can't get enough!
Cute, even when she cries!

 My favorite headband from Snugars.

My material girl!

The love of our life!

One cool family!

In other news....
I recently bought my first one piece (aka. mommy suit), since my teenage years.
I know you don't have to be a mom to wear a one piece. 
In fact, they are quite popular these days, but it took me having a baby to hop on the bandwagon.
Here it is!
Hoping it looks cute and I feel a little more comfortable tending to baby in it. 
It's one thing to lose the baby weight, it's another to get back your tone...
In due time. 
You can buy here.
Still hoping to blog more.  So much to write about and NO time to do so.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Time is flying...

... and Lo is getting bigger by the minute!
Work, baby and hubby are keeping me VERY busy, hence the lack of blogging.
Baby girl is such a good baby and we CANNOT get enough of her!
She loves EVERYONE.
She's a good sleeper (knock on wood, I'll probably regret putting this in written word, but she deserves some credit for how well she's slept since such a young age).
She laughs and smiles especially in the morning when she first wakes up.
She's starting to grab and hold on tight to things (we call things like this tricks).
She loves tummy time, now that we've elevated her on a boppy and got a new snail friend (must have toy for tummy time aka. tummy torture, before boppy and snail friend).
She gets grumpy in the afternoons and can be a real wah wah baby butt (but so can I).
She's still sleeping in our room, but we'll probably try to start transitioning her to her big girl crib or at least her room SOON!
She's growing out of clothes like crazy (I get sad packing little things away).
She's a trooper in the car.
She loves nature and being outdoors.
Enough about the bug (my nick name for her- bug, buggie...), here are some recent photos.
Looking cute in Ethan's onsie after peeing through her diap (oops, mommy forgot a change of clothes)- First walk of shame! ;)
Her BFF's James (left) and Ethan (right)
They've known eachother since they were in our bellies. 
This was their first playdate and as you can see, they are clearly super entertained by one another!
Tummy time!!!
We recently tried Stroller Strides (not exactly strolling) & Mommy & Me Yoga!
We go to a Mother's Gathering Group every Monday at a Mother's Haven, where we learn new songs, exercise and discuss milestones and motherhood, it's amazing.
Life is full and complete, I'm a happy mommy and wife.
Looking forward to a fun summer that's bound to fly by!