Friday, August 10, 2012

4 month little human!

It's amazing that in 4 short months a heart can fill with so much love and joy! 
Tomorrow London will be 4 months old and she has already changed more than most people do in a year.
The above pic is a face she makes all day while making a humming sound that might be the cutest thing you've ever heard. 
She's drooling like a monster and seems to be starting to teethe. Oh joy!
She's very vocal.
Loves the outdoors, starring up at trees and admiring all the colors and sounds.
She just started sleeping in her crib this week. 
Bye, bye Rock n' Play (a must buy for any new mom) and mommy/dada's room. BIG SIGH.
She sleeps like a champ at night, but her naps need some work.
She's in her big girl stroller as of a couple weeks ago as well. This was a little premature, but I think she's happier than she was in the car seat snap and go. 
About two weeks ago, she discovered her feet and I think she likes them more than me.
She's already 26 1/2 inches long.  Not sure how much she weighs, but we'll find out next week at her 4 mos. doc appt. 
She still loves the bath, but long gone are the days where she just lays back and lets us dump water on her.  Now she kicks and creates a water park in our kitchen.  We might have to retire the infant tub soon.
 She did great in Vegas for my annual conference. Bringing a humidifier was probably the best advice we received pre trip.
Next stop Seattle for my Cousin Trent and Sarah's wedding at the end of this month.
Gotta go make dinner, duty calls!