Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holy Blog Hiatus Batman!

So 6 months pretty much came and went faster than I could blink.  
Our teeny tiny baby is turning into a little girl before our very eyes. 
At times she seems so much older than 6 months to me. 
So curious and interested in every little thing.
She claps her feet and now her hands and entertains us with her cute emerging personality!
Since I last wrote, we went on vacation to Kauai where Lo turned 6 months. 
She loved Hawaii, almost as much as her daddy does. 
The island breeze, swimming every day, long walks with plenty of trees and flowers, constant attention from Mama, Dada, Bon Bon and Papa BoBo. 
She was in heaven!
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.



She isn't happy enough, we're going to have to spank her more!  heehee
Since Hawaii, we've been home and BUSY. 
Baby showers, meeting babies, traveling for Mama's work, saying "Mamamamamama" (first word?), dressing up for Lo's first Halloween, attending our first USC tailgate, moving into a house...
 Celebrating Thanksgiving with our mommy and baby friend's and their families. 
 Lo's first Halloween!
Class pumpkin!
Seriously can't get over Scarlett Spaghetti. Her momma gets an award for making that epic costume!
Cutest cowgirl in town!

Lo's first USC Homecoming
Still Fighting On, despite the not so great season!
 Welcome to the world Hudson Leland Armstrong! 
We love you so much already.
Grateful for my family, friends, health, happiness and our daughter who lights up our life everyday! 
Looking forward to the holidays.
Hope to blog about some holiday gifts I'm making...
Happy Early Thanksgiving!