Thursday, May 10, 2012

4 Weeks Old Already!

Time flies when you're having fun!
I can hardly believe it's been 4 weeks since we brought London into this world. 
She's filled our lives with more love than we could have EVER imagined.
Every day brings something new.
In no particular order, here's the latest and greatest! 
Lots and lots and LOTS of visitors.
She's smiling and giving us more and more eye contact.
She's a pretty good sleeper (knock on everything), sleeping 4-6 hours a time at night, but like any baby, she has her rough nights (grunting like crazy).
She loves being held by everyone.
And gives us all a giggle with her expressions and toots while both sleeping and wake time!
We recently got a CD with her name in every song that I play loudly on the TV, as I dance around the house and amuse her!
You can get a CD with your child's name at this darling store in the Century City Mall.
Here's a few pics of her at 4 weeks!

Her favorite time is bath time (ours too), she lets us get water on her face and boogies out of her eyes and doesn't whimper a bit.
We've recently given her a paci (thanks to Grandma Bon Bon). The verdict isn't out on whether she's a paci girl or not?!
She got her first pair of Sunglasses (pic to come) and doesn't seem to mind wearing them. Maybe it's because she's too young to know how to rip them off her face or maybe she's growing tolerant of her accessorizing momma already?! Time will tell.

Looking so forward to what the next days and month will bring.
Tonight D3 (aka. Grandpa Steve) and Uncle Jason are coming to meet Lo for the first time.
And this weekend G'Ma (Shane's mommy) will be visiting for Mother's Day.
As a mother of 3 boys, she's beyond excited to meet her first grandchild that's a GIRL!
Lots of family time and MORE pics to come.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Nursery Time!

So much to post, not enough nap time!
Jillian took some amazing pics of London's little nursery that I've been dying to share.
I (we, my mom, Shane and I) had the best time hunting and piecing it together London's nursery.
I'd have ideas, share them with Shane, he'd approve and my mom and I would search to find the perfect items at great prices. Teamwork people!
Home Goods, West Elm, Pottery Barn,, Walmart, Target are just a few of the places we bought items from.
Pic on the left: 
  • The stripes were painted by my neighbor and friend Dan and myself. Click here for more on striped fun!
  • The canvases above the crib were an inspiration from a baby decor blog (ontobaby, laybabylay...), can't remember which one.  My husbands graphic artist took the prints and made them into jpegs and I had them printed on canvas at Costco. The canvases are light weight and I velcroed them to the wall, so the peanut will be safe in her crib once she's sleeping in there.
  • The crib is from Walmart and looks like many of the modern cribs I liked, but for less than half the price.
Pic on the right:
  •  A cute curio shelf thingy I bought at an antique store in Hermosa Beach when I lived down there.  It was originally green has been used in many rooms of various apartments I've lived in.  We painted it white to soften it's look for the baby's room and it's a perfect nik nak holder.

Must say something about the beautiful blankie hanging on the crib.  That's a Bon Bon original.  My mom put a lot of work into it and it paid off.  We love it and it keeps lil Lo warm each and every night. 
Pic on the left:
  • The glider is a must have in every nursery.  I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed rocking and nursing my sweet baby girl.  Won't get into the fact that it's still a loaner because the dumb company we bought it from has not delivered ours.  NIGHTMARE, but I'll keep this post positive.
  • The awesome Baby Love Pillow was a gift for my shower from our friend Megan.  Click here to see the Etsy boutique it was bought from.
Pic on the right:
  • The dresser was my first furniture purchase in college from an antique store in SLO.  We had it refinished to match the espresso and white mixed furniture we went with in the nursery.
  • Shelves are from Pottery Barn and while they look great, I don't recommend them. They are more than a pain to hang. 
  • Shelf items: Cute silver owl- West Elm, Rocking Chair on shelf- Pottery Barn, Frames-TJ Maxx, Piggy Bank was a gift from Nordies, Glass canister being used for baby's headbands-West Elm

These darling crowns were a little find at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Handmade knit hearts, a chalkboard from Michaels and the most darling Cynthia Vincent dress (my daughter has cuter clothes than me) hang from these hooks!

The day bed has been a huge hit.  Ever end up in a friend's nursery while she's nursing, changing the baby, or the babes are playing and wonder where you can sit and sip on a much needed glass of wine?  Well I have.  Thus the inspiration to have seating in our nursery.  Luckily, it's a spacious room and this fit perfectly.  It's also a great nap spot.  You can buy here.  The pillows are a sale combo.  The white ones were a steal from Pottery Barn, someone must have returned them and I snagged them way on sale, love when that happens!  The beige pillows are from Restoration Hardware and were also on sale, woohoo.  The Pottery Barn baskets underneath the bed will be filled with shoes, toys and other London stuff as she gets older! 

Lastly, this is our changing station/dresser.  Love the functionality of having a dresser under the changing station that we won't need forever.  The dresser is another buy from West Elm, click here.
Lamp is from Home Goods.  The London banner was decor for my shower and made by a college friend Rachel Golden, check out her facebook page for all kinds of hand sewn children items.  I love, LOVE, LoVe the chevron pattern right now and got the changing pad cover and bed skirt to match from this website. 


Happy Friday!