Thursday, May 10, 2012

4 Weeks Old Already!

Time flies when you're having fun!
I can hardly believe it's been 4 weeks since we brought London into this world. 
She's filled our lives with more love than we could have EVER imagined.
Every day brings something new.
In no particular order, here's the latest and greatest! 
Lots and lots and LOTS of visitors.
She's smiling and giving us more and more eye contact.
She's a pretty good sleeper (knock on everything), sleeping 4-6 hours a time at night, but like any baby, she has her rough nights (grunting like crazy).
She loves being held by everyone.
And gives us all a giggle with her expressions and toots while both sleeping and wake time!
We recently got a CD with her name in every song that I play loudly on the TV, as I dance around the house and amuse her!
You can get a CD with your child's name at this darling store in the Century City Mall.
Here's a few pics of her at 4 weeks!

Her favorite time is bath time (ours too), she lets us get water on her face and boogies out of her eyes and doesn't whimper a bit.
We've recently given her a paci (thanks to Grandma Bon Bon). The verdict isn't out on whether she's a paci girl or not?!
She got her first pair of Sunglasses (pic to come) and doesn't seem to mind wearing them. Maybe it's because she's too young to know how to rip them off her face or maybe she's growing tolerant of her accessorizing momma already?! Time will tell.

Looking so forward to what the next days and month will bring.
Tonight D3 (aka. Grandpa Steve) and Uncle Jason are coming to meet Lo for the first time.
And this weekend G'Ma (Shane's mommy) will be visiting for Mother's Day.
As a mother of 3 boys, she's beyond excited to meet her first grandchild that's a GIRL!
Lots of family time and MORE pics to come.

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