Tuesday, June 5, 2012

8 Weeks NEW!

I cannot believe it's already been 8 weeks!
Time has flown and seemed like an eternity all at the same time.
We've had a blast getting to know our baby girl.
We fall more and more in love with her each day.
She's sleeping really well (knock on wood), 6-9 hour stretches at night! 
So momma is feeling GREAT!

She's been swimming twice and has loved the water (just like her daddy).
Looking so forward to a summer of fun in the sun!

This week we started a Mother's Gathering Class at the Mother's Haven in the Val. 
It was awesome meeting other ladies with babies the same age, learning songs and activities (yes, hard to believe, but their are activities even for 8 week olds)...
I look forward to this support group and going through milestones all together.
So much more to write about, but I'm blanking. 
Hopefully in weeks to come, I'll be better about blogging about the latest and greatest.
Meanwhile, here's an 8 week collage of our Lil Smush!
She's really into putting her hands in her mouth (thumb sucker? teething early?).
She's getting better and better at tolerating tummy time.
And recently discovered the birdies on her swing and has a cooing fest while looking at them (it might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen).
Perfect timing, gotta run, she's waking up from her nap!


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