Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Farmer's Market Find!

Every Sunday (that we are home), I look forward to going to the Brentwood Farmer's Market. 
We walk around the country club to the get the heart rate going and blood pumping and then we head through the market picking up all our favorite produce and food for the week. 
The vendors have become acquaintances and I enjoy seeing them all each week. 
Sometimes there are new vendors with tasty goodies or creative ideas. 
This past week, we stumbled upon
Reusable Snack Bags & Sandwich Wraps
It was a young couple working the booth with their adorable daughter (I'm sure the inspiration)! 
The cute patterns caught my eye and made me stop to check them out. 
The Sandwich Wraps turn into a place mat, can you say brilliant?
BEST PART: They are dishwasher safe!
Such a great gift, all my friends with kiddies, watch out, this is what's coming!

Green S

Monday, August 29, 2011


Such a heavenly summer treat!
Don't stop, don't pass go, head straight to TJ's!

Oinky S

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Confessions of a Foodie that Sometimes Likes Junk Food Too!

Sometimes, you just gotta give in and have a B & C! 
That pic doesn't do it much justice...

umm, like YUM!  
Now what? 

I normally reserve my eating of such things for road trips, but today was an exception.  
(Road Trip = TBell + In N Out)

I think I'll have to stop at Whole Foods on the way home and pick up something healthy to make for dinner. 


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The PERFECT Gift...

...for a newborn.
It's always nice to take a little something the first time you meet a dear friend's baby
or to send a welcome something in the mail.
I'm big on thoughtful gifts that don't break the bank!
This is one of my absolute favorites.
A wooden block with all the baby's info on each side:
baby's full name
baby's initial
where they were born
height, length, weight
proud parents of...
a special gift from...
Here's baby Jade (just 13 days old) modeling with her block.
Click Here to buy your personalized block!
Something sweet that she can keep forever. 


Monday, August 15, 2011

Amy's turn...

Babies GALORE.
One of my DEAREST friends is having a baby girl this November.
I am honored to help throw her a baby shower for the little girl she's always dreamed of
Lucia Arizona Chiurco
Shower isn't until September, but I was in charge of invites, so here's a sneak peak at what's brewing.
Amy's nursery has a whimsical theme and will have little birdies, so these were just perfect. 
Invitations from here
For those that know my Ames, she LOVES LA!
So it's quite cute that her baby's initials are going to be L.A.
I designed these little stamps, so perfect!

Order your own customized stamps, here
More on this shower after it happens- fingerprint tree guest book, adorable gift ideas and more Bon Bon Knits! 


Mason Turns 1 - Jamaican Style

One year ago, little Mason was born and has since then brought so much JOY to so many!
This past weekend we celebrated his BIG 1st Birthday- Jamaican Style.
Only hip parents, like Ashun and Taylor would come up with such a fun/unique theme.
Rasta Mon Cupcake Tower by Cupcake Couture
 BEST Cupcakes I've had (must try their cake pops, as well)
 Mason's smash cake
As soon as I heard the party details, I came up with the idea for a rasta man hat with some blond dreadlocks.
Bon Bon (aka. Mom) knitted the hat and I braided and stitched together the dreads. 
(looks more like a reggae octopus in this shot)
 It was quite the hit and Mason wore it like a champ. 
 Mason with his hat and the reggae singer.
Happy Birthday Mase Face!
We love you so much and look forward to celebrating year after year with you.

Auntie Sam & Uncle Shane

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sam's Sangria

Super duper easy.
Here are the ingredients. 
OJ (I prefer the kind with lots O' pulp)
 Red wine (I prefer 2 buck chuck, cab or merlot work)
 Seasonal berries and fruit.
 Triple Sec.
Each batch has the following: 
1 bottle of red wine
1 cup of OJ
1/2 cup of Triple Sec
LOTS OF FRESH FRUIT (berries, apples, peaches...)
1 can of Diet Hansens Grapefruit Soda 

You can play around with different sodas and/or leave it out. 
You can also add more or less of any of the ingredients.  
Always a hit at parties!


So teeny tiny!

Meet Jaxon Gray Horwitz
Just a few hours old. 
 Two days old and getting cuter by the minute.
Looks like a little glow worm. :)
Couldn't be more elated for our dear friends Cyndi and Brett.
I can already tell, he's going to bring so much happiness to all our lives. 
I am so excited to watch him grow.


P.S. Remember her baby shower, click here and her maternity shoot by the amazing Jillian Rose, click here. So much fun!

I'm a little bit COUNTRY...

Each year, my BB(Ady) and I go to at least one country show!

Last week, we went to Sugarland at the Greek with two other GFs (Megan and Hilary).
 We started the night at a great quaint lil restaurant called Lil Dom's.
I highly recommend this restaurant!
Great ambiance.
Definitely try the rice balls and burrata salad.
Pizzas are delish, white fish amazing and lasagne so so!
Over all it gets a two thumbs up YUMMO award from me!
After dinner we rushed to the theater.
What a fun night, despite the ticket snafu?!
They printed out in another language and I didn't notice, so we (and the security) could not find our seats.

But we lucked out and ended up getting to lean against a wall much closer to the stage than our original seats.
I have to say Sugarland isn't my favorite country band, but seeing them live made me love them! 
Their stage was among the best I've seen at country concerts.


p.s. Can I get an Amen for having a driver there and back.  Parking at concert venues can be such a B, so worth it to get a limo or car.  :)