Monday, August 15, 2011

Amy's turn...

Babies GALORE.
One of my DEAREST friends is having a baby girl this November.
I am honored to help throw her a baby shower for the little girl she's always dreamed of
Lucia Arizona Chiurco
Shower isn't until September, but I was in charge of invites, so here's a sneak peak at what's brewing.
Amy's nursery has a whimsical theme and will have little birdies, so these were just perfect. 
Invitations from here
For those that know my Ames, she LOVES LA!
So it's quite cute that her baby's initials are going to be L.A.
I designed these little stamps, so perfect!

Order your own customized stamps, here
More on this shower after it happens- fingerprint tree guest book, adorable gift ideas and more Bon Bon Knits! 


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