Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm a little bit COUNTRY...

Each year, my BB(Ady) and I go to at least one country show!

Last week, we went to Sugarland at the Greek with two other GFs (Megan and Hilary).
 We started the night at a great quaint lil restaurant called Lil Dom's.
I highly recommend this restaurant!
Great ambiance.
Definitely try the rice balls and burrata salad.
Pizzas are delish, white fish amazing and lasagne so so!
Over all it gets a two thumbs up YUMMO award from me!
After dinner we rushed to the theater.
What a fun night, despite the ticket snafu?!
They printed out in another language and I didn't notice, so we (and the security) could not find our seats.

But we lucked out and ended up getting to lean against a wall much closer to the stage than our original seats.
I have to say Sugarland isn't my favorite country band, but seeing them live made me love them! 
Their stage was among the best I've seen at country concerts.


p.s. Can I get an Amen for having a driver there and back.  Parking at concert venues can be such a B, so worth it to get a limo or car.  :)

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