Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3 MONTHS OLD and a Swimsuit for Mommy!

I sound like I'm on repeat, but holy warp speed batman, time is a flyin. Little London is growing and changing so fast, I can't even handle.  I'd say let's stop the clock, but every day brings something new and wonderful.  I miss that teeny tiny newborn stage, but love the cute little baby girl she's becoming. 
We recently had our friend Geena from Colors + Things Photography take some current photos. 
 I was told to have photos taken often because babies change the most in their first year of life.  Geena was a pleasure to work with and Franklin Canyon was a beyond beautiful location.
Geena has a great eye behind the lens and can really capture gorgeous light. 
Here's some of my favorites from our shoot!

Head is getting stronger and stronger, making tummy time less and less torturous!

STREEEETCH!  (this is one of my favorite things that she does)
That face, I just can't get enough!
Cute, even when she cries!

 My favorite headband from Snugars.

My material girl!

The love of our life!

One cool family!

In other news....
I recently bought my first one piece (aka. mommy suit), since my teenage years.
I know you don't have to be a mom to wear a one piece. 
In fact, they are quite popular these days, but it took me having a baby to hop on the bandwagon.
Here it is!
Hoping it looks cute and I feel a little more comfortable tending to baby in it. 
It's one thing to lose the baby weight, it's another to get back your tone...
In due time. 
You can buy here.
Still hoping to blog more.  So much to write about and NO time to do so.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Time is flying...

... and Lo is getting bigger by the minute!
Work, baby and hubby are keeping me VERY busy, hence the lack of blogging.
Baby girl is such a good baby and we CANNOT get enough of her!
She loves EVERYONE.
She's a good sleeper (knock on wood, I'll probably regret putting this in written word, but she deserves some credit for how well she's slept since such a young age).
She laughs and smiles especially in the morning when she first wakes up.
She's starting to grab and hold on tight to things (we call things like this tricks).
She loves tummy time, now that we've elevated her on a boppy and got a new snail friend (must have toy for tummy time aka. tummy torture, before boppy and snail friend).
She gets grumpy in the afternoons and can be a real wah wah baby butt (but so can I).
She's still sleeping in our room, but we'll probably try to start transitioning her to her big girl crib or at least her room SOON!
She's growing out of clothes like crazy (I get sad packing little things away).
She's a trooper in the car.
She loves nature and being outdoors.
Enough about the bug (my nick name for her- bug, buggie...), here are some recent photos.
Looking cute in Ethan's onsie after peeing through her diap (oops, mommy forgot a change of clothes)- First walk of shame! ;)
Her BFF's James (left) and Ethan (right)
They've known eachother since they were in our bellies. 
This was their first playdate and as you can see, they are clearly super entertained by one another!
Tummy time!!!
We recently tried Stroller Strides (not exactly strolling) & Mommy & Me Yoga!
We go to a Mother's Gathering Group every Monday at a Mother's Haven, where we learn new songs, exercise and discuss milestones and motherhood, it's amazing.
Life is full and complete, I'm a happy mommy and wife.
Looking forward to a fun summer that's bound to fly by!