Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new kind of AA (Anguilla Awesomeness)

There are just too many things to share, so I'm going to give the abridged version of our amazing trip to Anguilla!
First of all, thanks to my Barney, we flew first class.

An experience I'll never forget.
How will I ever fly coach again?
This was our watering hole.
 I don't think there is anything better than staring at the beautiful ocean, while enjoying a nice (non-sandy pool). 
 The ladies.

Cinty, our chef and quite possibly the sweetest woman I've ever met!
 Local fresh fish.
 Shrimp appie and secret sauce.
(there was no shortage of frying and butter, eek)
Lobster!!  (I only had 4)

Our hosts, Dancha and Meganza (some of our favorite people in the world) 
 This was the first sunset of the trip and probably the most beautiful! 

We even pilated in paradise.
Thanks Ash. 

Shoal Beach, my personal fav of the trip.
Quaint beach bars, soft white sand, crystal clear/perfect temp water...
Best Bartender of the trip.  
  Posing with her specialty drink, blended Mojitos.  YUM! (I only had 3 of these)

My love. 

Hil and I floating around.
This is the life.

White night. 
 Off to the Viceroy, Anguilla for dinner. 
One of the most beautiful hotels I've visited and where I'd like to stay if we return. 

Our Surprise from Danny, Amazing Race Anguilla.
 Brad and I with our goat.
Me, on a boat.
 We ended up on Sandy Island. 
Playing 20 Questions and WE WON!

On our final day we chartered a boat that took us to Prickly Pear. 
 Shane and I with Prickly Pear in the distance.
The AA Crew on board the Scoobifree.
I can't recommend this boat, captain and one man crew (the cutest french gal that made our day) enough.

Feeling blessed that we were able to take this trip of a lifetime with new and old friends! 
The memories will be engraved in our minds forever. 
We can't thank the Peykoffs enough for inviting us on this dream vacation. 

Back to reality.

S & S

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