Tuesday, January 31, 2012

30 weeks and now understanding why bloggers and mommies go MIA!

The beginning of this year has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!
Is it really almost February?

We've had two baby showers, toured the hospital, started our every 2 week doctor appts. and more!

Last weekend was my baby shower hosted by my friends.
Dear friends from all different times in my life gathered to shower me and the babe with gifts.
I can't wait to share pics from the beyond perfect day!
Feeling very loved and grateful for the amazing women in my life!

The nursery is well underway, the walls are painted, most of the furniture is in.
The stripes were a bit of a challenge, but nothing our neighbor and dear friend Dan wasn't up for.
We bought him a cheap tool called a laser leveler and he was off to the races. 
Get yours here
He used this tool to create straight lines with tape.
This handy dandy tool has multiple purposes and can also be used to hang pictures at the same height on multiple walls. 
 Stripes with tape

Finished product!
Don't mind the blankets in the crib- I don't have the mattress yet, so I just put stuff in there to make it look good and get an idea.

Looking forward to my family shower this weekend and a work shower closer to my due date. 
Baby Ball is so loved and lucky already.

On another note, sleeping has been a challenge since the beginning of my pregnancy, but it continues to get more and more difficult.
At night, I pretty much turn into a jelly fish flip floppin around all night, putting pillows in weird places and just trying to get comfy and take a deep breath. POOR SHANE!
Between getting up to pee and switching positions, it's a wonder he gets any sleep at all.  
In a desperate attempt to help my sleep in any way we can, we recently bought these pillows and I just had to share because they are a slice of heaven.
Sorry about the sideways pic, I can't figure out how to rotate.
Can you say pregnancy brain?
You can purchase these at Bed, Bath and Beyond here!
Don't forget your 20% off coupon. 

Looking forward to blogging about the shower, the nursery and my growing belly in the coming weeks.  


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