Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year, Recipes and More!

I can hardly believe it's 2012! 
Where did 2011 go?
With that said, I'm super excited for this year for obvious reasons. 
We've been busy doing lots around the house getting ready for baby.
We stayed local for the holidays and went to Mammoth for New Years with dear friends!
A fun group shot of us in front of a snow cat we took up the mountain for dinner.
Pretty cool, click here for info on where to call to schedule your adventure.

Grandma Bon Bon made us all beanies for the trip. 
Here's Peysie and Mase Face modeling them before they go out for walk.
<3 these lil peanuts to death! 

I've been trying to cook again, now that I'm back to liking all sorts of foods!
Two recipes I made recently were delicious and worth sharing.
White Bean and Hominy Chili
What's hominy?  I didn't know either, but you can find it near the Mexican food specialty items at your favorite grocery store!
Click here for recipe.
Gotta love Cooking Light Mag!

Shrimp, Avocado & Grapefruit Salad
Click here for recipe.
You know it's a good salad when Shane considers it a meal and not a side!
This was so easy, tasty, light and healthy!

Current project-operation nursery.
Our awesome neighbor/friend Dan is helping me paint the room.
26 weeks
Me in front of a paint swatch on the nursery wall.
Getting a decent pic of the belly is no easy task.
Luckily I have a patient/loving photographer (thanks boos!).
More to come on the nursery, painting tips, pics and more!
I think that's all for now.  Still having spurts of insomnia and last night was a dozy, so hopefully this blog post makes some sense!


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