Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rolling over, starting solids and so much more!

It's been a busy busy fun summer watching Lo grow!
Each day brings something new.
Whether it's discovering her voice and making all kinds of sounds, trying out rice cereal or rolling over, we are always on our toes with what's next?
Trying to keep up and not miss anything while enjoying every minute is a tough business for mommy and dada.
 First stop with solids Earth's Best Rice Cereal:
Verdict- Lo Approved

Before                                                    After
She went on her first plane ride to Seattle to meet her 2nd cousins and went to her 1st wedding.

We are blessed with a baby that has an incredible disposition. 
London is content staring up at trees, playing with her feet or being played with.
She goes to others with ease.
For the most part, she soothes herself to sleep and sleeps well.
(minus a few week stint of keeping mommy up all night while she was going through a growth spurt and developmental burst). 
Our sleeping beauty seems to be back on track. 
Next stop on the solid food train: Veggies.
Will they be Lo approved?
Can't believe our baby is almost 5 months. 


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