Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Always something new?!

The juggle of baby, work, life and now a move continues!
Lo makes me smile a 1,000 times on a daily basis.
Whether she's laughing or performing a new trick, I seriously just can't get enough of her.
As I've already blogged, we started our food journey with solids.
A combinations of laziness, exhaustion and the dauntingness of opening the box to my Baby Brezza, had Lo eating rice cereal and mashed bananas for a few weeks.
BUT one day, I finally opened it and it's seriously the easiest, most genius machine I've ever used in the kitchen.
Wash, peal, chop, add it to the machine, select food type, press a button and it steams and purees the food into a perfect mush!
First Adventure- Sweet Potatoes...

Baby Brezza is from William Sonoma.
Buy yours here.
25 minutes later my masterpiece was ready.
 Bought these little gems at the Pump Station.
Perfect little portions for freezing.
 Lo approved!
Obsessed with her new little tongue out funny face!

In other news:
She's getting so big, we had to move her from the infant tub.
This inflatable tub is awesome!
She loves it!
Buy here.
Sitting up, a little skeptical about it, but getting better and better at it each day.
Pink basket in the front of this pic is her favorite toy at the moment.
Grandma Bon Bon does research and buys her the BEST toys.
Buy here.
I was worried she wasn't getting enough liquid with just breast milk and wanted to be sure she wasn't dehydrated now that she's having solids.
She refuses anything out of a bottle besides BM, so someone recommended one of these sippy cups with the soft spout.
She can hold it herself and LOVES it.
Bought it at the Pump Station as well.
We frequent there, as you can see.

That's what's new here.
Looking forward to a move next month and ALL the holidays this Fall. 
Lo makes life complete!


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