Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are you sure she's 5 months already?

Can somebody freeze time or at least slow it down a little? PLEASEEEEE! 
Our lil LoLo Bug is growing up in TOO fast! 
Long gone are the days that I can rest her in the nook of my legs as they are up on the coffee table and stare at her cuteness.
She wants to be movin and a shakin at all times. 
If she could crawl, stand and walk, she would.
Our adventures with food continues... just introduced peas and they aren't so Lo approved yet, but we'll keep trying.
She LOVES her Rainforest Jump-A-Roo.
When we first put her in it, we had to stuff burp cloths all around her, she couldn't touch the ground and barely did anything. 
Now we are down to one burp cloth and she goes crazy playing and touching all the sensory toys around it.  
It's amazing to watch her become more and more into various toys and books.
 Have I mentioned how much she LOVES her feet? 
She can even put both in her mouth... so talented, she is.
We couldn't be more in love and proud of our baby girl.
In October, our next adventure begins, as we move into a little house and neighborhood.
Looking forward to having sunlight and a yard... and of course a red door! 
Bye, bye apartment living and Brentwood, it's been a nice ride, but we're growin up!

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