Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paper vs. Paperless

As an event planner, I'm constantly planning corporate events and trying to save my company money while still making the attendees of our events feel special!  I recently received a Paperless Post invite from a friend, to an engagement party and thought it was so classy, so I decided to send one as an announcement for an upcoming work event.

If you haven't heard of Paperless Post, click here to do so.  I am a big fan of sending and receiving mail, but in these tough economical times, it's always nice to know of a way to save a buck and tree!

You maybe thinking, I've already heard of a site like this, Evite, well it's different and here's why? 

PP (Paperless Post) vs. Evite - PP is definitely more sophisticated and classy.  You receive an email with the picture of an envelope addressed with your name on it.  Then you click on it, the envelope opens and your invitation emerges.  You can even select envelope liners!  LOVE.  The invitation designs on PP are gorgeous, trendy and something you'd pay to have custom printed.  They also have fabulous styles for business functions. The tracking tools are brilliant, especially for large events that require extensive planning.  Anything you can export into Excel (my life) is a plus for me. 
I used to love Evite for the RSVP feature and so you could send updated messages about your party, but PP also wins in this category.  Your correspondence with the entire party or individuals is made so easy. 

LOVE FEST with this site right now.

Go green!


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