Monday, April 4, 2011

Garage sales and at home hair "colour"...

The accumulation of junk over the years of me moving from place to place, finally getting married, etc. and my mom's collection had grown out of control.  My parent's garage was only fitting one tiny Mercedes that is so small it hides amongst large SVUs in most parking lots.  JUNK was taking over our lives!  OKAY, I'm being dramatic, it wasn't even bad, but it was time to Spring clean, sell stuff and donate the rest.  So that we did. 
My mom, being her cute self, researched how to put on a successful garage sale and we gave it our best shot.  We advertised in local papers, put up signs, started out with high prices and worked our way down. Shane gave us a few chuckles with his Spanglish and salesman skills. We got rid of a lot, but still have quite a bit to donate and most of all we're all just glad IT'S OVER! Operation get the second car in the garage is almost complete!

On another note, the domestic diva in me decided to do a little at home hair color!  I did a consumer testing focus group last week for John Frieda's Precision Hair Colour (note: Colour, not color, fancy schmancy huh?).  It got me thinking that my hair could really use some brightening, it had become faded and brassy and just needed a good all over color.  If you know me, you know I don't like going to the salon and getting my hair done.  For me it feels like some form of torture, although I'm glad when it's done and my hair looks great! Plus I really love my hair dresser, but she's in Thousand Oaks and I really need one on the Westside (suggestions welcome). 
It's been years since I bought a box of at home hair color, but after my focus group, I was ready to brave it and try out this new and improved foam colour that was supposed to be easy to use.  I chose a medium brown and it was SO easy, no mess and I'm really happy with the color.  In about 30 minutes,  I was done and came out pretty fantastic (if I don't say myself).

Happy Do It Yourself Monday!


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