Saturday, April 23, 2011

Planning Vegas NOW (at 31) vs. In My 20s

What a difference a few years make!  It seems like just yesterday my Vegas trips were mostly last minute, filled with spontaneity and involved little to no plans other than where we are staying (and sometimes not even that).  With no plans, we ended up at the hottest clubs at someones table, playing kissy face, drinking out of the Stanley Cup, watching Jamiroquai because we met a bookie with extra tickets to the sold out show on NYE Y2Kand the list goes on.  Oh don't forget the time 8 or 9 of us planned a girls trip and Daddy D called Wednesday the week of and said tell your girls they're all coming to my wedding Saturday night at the Monte Carlo! Oh, the stories and memories to last a lifetime.

A shot from one of my favorite trips!

Rehab 2006

Now trips are planned months in advance and include digging out old contact's phone numbers in hopes they can still hook us up at the clubs.  We go for bachelorettes and work, instead of wild pool parties and hook ups.  We can't depend on our teeny tiny bikini to meet boys or insure our entrance into a club or a seat at the best table in the house because chances are, majority of the group going is now married or even have children.  So those once cheap trips, now cost a bundle because you have to spring for a table and the days of not eating have gone and dining in fine restaurants is what we fancy. 

It's not that today's trips aren't fun and don't create just as many memories, I just found planning a recent trip so entertaining and caught myself realizing, wow times have changed. 

Vegas in my 20's
Drive or Fly
Stay up all night
Head straight to a pool party
Drink ALL day, meet boys, hang at their cabanas
Find something to do that night
Stay at pool till it's dark
Head up to the room with just enough time to change for the evening
Dinner, what dinner?
Meet at a mellow lounge for more drinks and then head to a club
Club closes, who cares, head to an after hours club
Sleep or make out all night
Next day, repeat
2 day maximum

Vegas in my 30s
Definitely Fly
Arrive in the afternoon, check in and unpack
Relax in a much nicer room, maybe have a cocktail
Get ready for a nice dinner, maybe even a show
Head to a club with a table that we pay for
Next day, leisurely wake up, head to a more mellow pool
Relax by the pool, maybe have breakfast
Afternoon hits, exhaustion and heat stroke sets in and it's time to go back to the room for a nap
Repeat night 1
Hungover for an entire week.

Not too sure about this whole getting older thing!  What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas definitely doesn't apply anymore. 

Blog post inspired by my dear friend Olga's Bachelorette in Vegas in May.  Looking forward to a very adult and different kind of crazy girls weekend to celebrate our bride to be!

Happy Saturday!

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