Friday, April 15, 2011

The Art of Manliness...

Husband (Man) of the Year
Drum roll please...
Goes to
 My most manli man!
 As you might already know, I'm a little OCD and like things just so.  Our landlord promised new carpet on our one year anni at our place, so of course I had to have it, despite the fact that we'd have to move ALL our furniture in order to have it put in.  Side note, I loathe carpet and Shane loves it, not a reason for divorce, but definitely something I would recommend discussing before the vows. Shane is currently winning this war, so if carpet is what we must have, new carpet beats old.
While I'm in Michigan working, Shane is at home taking care of everything.  
 See all the stuff piled up outside? 
 That's pretty much the contents of our house.
Bless his heart.
Shane, I love and appreciate you so much!
Can't wait to get home, kiss you and roll around on the new carpet! 


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