Friday, April 22, 2011

To Gel or Not to Gel...

Being a girl and all, I'm a huge fan of the occasional mani/pedi.  In Brentwood we have these super inexpensive (my mom taught me to use this word instead of cheap) nail salons.  They are like the McDonald's drive through of nails salons.  I mean walk in, "you pick cola", you're in a chair, and you have two super fast woman at your service.  If you're from a different planet and have never experienced this, please watch this video! She does an excellent job imitating the experience at most inexpensive nail salons.

With all that said, today I went to my not usual place because I had a Groupon (oh yes, I love deals) and got a mani/pedi.  The Nail Garden normally charges $30 for regular m/p and I got one for $20 and it even included some salt scrub, fancy!  Since I saved a bundle, I decided to give these OPI Axxium Gel Nails a try.  I'm always watching my money, so I can never bring myself to spend the extra cash.  But let's face it, we basically get manicures because the clean up our cuticles, not because the polish lasts.  Mine lasts maybe a day or two without chipping and then it's chip city and once it chips, well they're history. 

These new Gel Nails are supposedly better for weak nails (check) and are said to last two weeks plus.   We shall see about that.  If anyone puts their hands to the test it's me - constant washing, cleaning and dish washing can really put a ladies hands to the ringer.

I will let you know how I end up liking them, but for now, here's a pic of mine. After trying to take about a zillion pics, I realize that I wont be a hand model any time soon.  Please excuse my ugly hands.  I tried to at least take a pic of my pretty ring to offset the hand uglies. 

Now off to get ready for Daddy D's Birthday dinner at Upper West


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