Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who will be our next American Idol?

After 9 seasons of trying for tickets, I finally won the lotto. Last night, Shane, Naira, Diana and I attended a live tapping of the top 6 American Idol contestants! We lucked out with our place in line and ended up in the standing section left stage (Simon's side), only 2 feet from the action. It was Shania Twain (gorgeous in real life) / Country Week and all of the contestants rocked it! It was hard to pick a favorite last night, even for the judges!

After seeing them live, I have NO idea who will go home tonight.
I have to say my bet is on BIG MIKE. :(

My next mission is to get tickets for SYTYCD!
(So You Think You Can Dance)
Let's see if we get lucky twice in one year!

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  1. Sooo fun!! I love the blog, too- yay for SHAM :) ! XOXO