Sunday, April 25, 2010

Samantha and Josh's Beautiful Santa Barbara Wedding and Daddy D's Surprise 55th

Another busy, fun filled weekend... Shane and I were honored to share Samantha and Josh's very special day with them. After years of dating, they tied the knot on their 7 year anniversary. I had the pleasure of visiting her while she got ready for her walk down the aisle. She was a stunning bride and the day couldn't not have been more beautiful. Here are some of the moments I captured.

What a perfect day to get married!

The Dress!

Blushing Bride and her proud father!

Love the peacock feather... Josh didn't skip a beat on the details. He even hand strung the crystals (you can see them in the background in the introducing Mr. & Mrs. Jones shot below) and made the chandeliers that gave the green house just the right ambiance!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Jones!

While in SB, we had the chance to stroll on State Street and have lunch at one of our all time favorite restaurants Pascuccis!

YUM! I can taste the prosciutto wrapped shrimp in garlic!


We stayed with Jason and Shannon at their great little place in SB.
Here's a shot from behind their house.
What a view!

The day after the wedding, they had a BBQ celebration at Shoreline, hosted by the Jones family. The decor was too cute not to take pictures of! I'm so copying some of these ideas for events I throw in the future. I heart sweet tables and haystacks!

Congrats to Samantha & Josh, we could not be more happy for the beautiful couple.
We wish them many more years of health and happiness!

Straight from the BBQ, we headed to the Doss Family house for Daddy D's Surprise 55th Birthday. Naira and Wesley did an excellent job of surprising him with all his closest family and friends, a little bit of Tonk and Poker and a lot of food!


Make a wish!

Naira and Shane were color coordinated!

We finally made it home late last night and today I enjoyed a lovely day in Brentwood, while Shane stayed in bed with some sort of flu/cold. Poor guy!

5 days till Broadmoor!


  1. Rock on!! we had a blast with Josh and Samantha and it was fun to meet you!!

    Dunno if you had a chance to check it out at the reception, but we put up a slideshow for Samantha and Josh:

  2. What a lovely trip!! The layering in the bride's gown is beeaauteous!