Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cruising along... 15 weeks and counting!

Just cruising along, starting to grow a baby bump and enjoying this being pregnant business. Still feeling pretty nauseous, but I have my good days where I barely notice it.   Hoping/praying for more good days to come!  The latest preg related thing (I think) I felt was last night, I got a crazy pain in my butt (seriously, it was like in my butt cheek muscle, sorry TMI).   I think it's my sciatic, but I haven't had much time to research it.  It was the most crazy painful feeling, almost like a charlie horse in your booty.  It went away today, so I'm hoping it was just a weird cramp and this isn't going to be a normal occurrence, but I have heard of preg peeps mentioning this sort of thing.

On Monday, we had our once a month appointment and baby Ball seems to be doing great.  We heard he/she's heartbeat again, which is always the greatest feeling.  Thought we might do an ultrasound and be able to tell more about the sex, but I was wrong.   We won't be 100% sure until our 19 or 20 week appt.  So the wait continues.   

Bump Watch
15 weeks before our doc appt. 

 Outside the set for our friend Tessa's movie! (Shane and I tried our hand at being movie stars yesterday by being extras on her set.  So FUN!)
The beer belly, jiggly mid section (that's actually not so jiggly) is starting to form more into what might?! look like a baby bump to others.  If not to you, it does to me, so humor me people! BTW, I really like to touch and poke it.  Probably not very nice of me?  Shane keeps telling me the babies going to come out with indentations on it's head, but I quickly tell him, it's protected by gooey stuff (I'm so technical about my body, I know).

In other baby news, this past weekend we visited Shane's family in Fresno and got the cradle that him, his two brothers and nephew all slept in as babies.  This cradle is very COOL- it's wooden and very vintage.  We plan on having refinished, so baby Ball can use it too.  Before and after pics to come. 

This weekend it's off to the desert to see The Sensiba gang.  I am excited to take pics of Rhodes and Sevi and meet my cousin Trent's girlfriend and see the rest of the fam of course.

It's the busiest time of year and I just love it.  Lots of yummy food, boots, sweaters, scarves, fires, Halloween (which I'm skipping this year, but going double big next year, so watch out) and MY BIRTHDAY; so many things I love!  Now if only the weather would cool down for more than a minute, so I can get cookin some soups from Siriously Delicious. 

P.S. Pardon how random and all over the place this blog post is.  It's a little like my brain these days.  Rumor about pregnancy brain, TOTALLY TRUE.


  1. In unrelated news, the security thing I just had to type when I wrote that comment (what are those called) was "dorksaid." Dorksaid? I just had to share that with someone.

  2. Love you! BTW, one of our boys names is Carson (hope he doesn't mind, but we love it)!
    Those security things are weird, what are they for anyways?