Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've always LOVED Halloween.
Dressing up, candy, parties, who doesn't love it! 
You start as a child wanting to be your favorite character...
Or for me, some awkward flower, WHAT?!&#*$!

I was trying to be original and creative and well the pic tells it all! 
(thanks mom for assisting me in my creativity all those years and even today!) 
As a teen and into my 20s I wanted to be something scary or a group costume and then it was all about being something sexy.

 Halloween 2008

I had more fun with Shane's costume this year than I did my own.
Last year we were newlyweds so with our RAD last name, I came up with...

 The Balls 2009

Who would have thought we'd run into a large penis (one we even knew) that night?
Now I just want to be something cute and comfy that doesn't show my hu-ha!
After lots of deliberation, we came up with Tennis Pros.
Pics of the final product to come!  


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