Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a weekend...

Let's start with Friday... 
Here's our patient with breakfast in bed the day after surgery. 
Shane's surgery was a success!  
He was such a trooper, very tolerant of pain and getting put under (such a proud wifey). 
They didn't have to give him the "BIG WHACK" (as tall surgeon man called it).  
Instead they shaved away a lot of arthritus, spurs and some bone, which should help him gain full functionality and rid him of those awful clicking noises and uncomfort.
After some physical therapy he should be like new! 

 Friday night we enjoyed our first fire of the season 
(they may be duraflames, but it's a flame none-the-less and better than pirates of the carribean in our last place)

My loving gimp bought me these flowers which might be some of the prettiest I've ever seen! 
(courtesy of Louis at 7 Eleven on Wilshire and Barrington, serious flower man) 

It was a rather quiet uneventful weekend until Saturday.
Instead of watching SC football and eating homemade chili as I had planned,
we headed to Capture, Inc. (Shane's shop) to meet some potential buyers for a particular machine. 
Only to find out the place had been robbed the night before.
They didn't get away from much, but it was still a reality check.

Instead of resting his shoulder, we spent the day with cops going over the crime scene, changing the locks and taking all the other precautions necessary.  
Not going to lie, at times today I was excited by the situation's similarity to that of being in an episode of Law & Order and using the many forensic skills I've learned, but ultimately it was not a fun experience.
We are just thankful that everyone is safe and not too much damage was done. 
It's just another hurdle in life that we will get through together!

S & S

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  1. Glad to hear Shane's surgery went well! Good job, nurse Samantha ;) ! Oh, and he's the one buying YOU flowers....gotta love a sweet hubby! So sorry to hear about the robbery- bummer! Happy to hear everyone was safe, though. I am just loving your blog. Keep those entries comin'! XOXO's from AZ