Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Morning" Sickness...

If only it was only in the morning!  I got pregnant thinking, I can deal with this "morning" sickness thing, but what I didn't know or realize is that this so called sickness plagues you into the night and on bonus evenings, it even wakes you up!  The best line I've heard or read is that the term "morning" sickness was obviously made up by a man because it clearly doesn't stop and start in the a.m. 

Mine had started to go away, or at least I was knocking on wood and thought so, but now it seems to be back. Hopefully it's temporary.  At least I can rest on the fact, that I haven't heard of anyone being sick their entire pregnancy, the longest seems to be around 16 weeks, so I've got a few more to go.  WE CAN DO IT!

Now for what "morning" sickness is for me.  I don't actually throw up (kinda wish I did if it would provide any relief, but I'm just not a pucker).  It's more like terrible nausea that I can only compare to a really bad hangover, minus the headache, although when it lasts for days on end, the headache normally comes into the picture.  The worst part,  I didn't get to enjoy my favorite tasty beverages to feel this way.  I was always willing to have a little nausea for some vino, but you can't blame that extra glass of wine or cocktail this time, it's just your hormones going crazy. 
 My lifesaver

Pretzels have been my BFF through this.  The salty carbs seem to make me feel a bit better.  Water is harder to drink and honestly even my favorite foods don't sound good when the nausea is bad.  The upside, I've only gained 3 pounds so far, so we're doing well in that department.  Too bad the waistlines were already tight on most of my clothes to begin with, so I'm going to need to do some serious shopping soon. Another upside, the hubby is helping out with the cooking and chores, which has been a life saver.  The last thing you want to do is cook and clean.  I have managed to squeak out a few meals, but I miss trying to replicate the cover of Cooking Light and hope to be back at it soon. 

That's all for today!  Here's to hoping I have a nausea free anniversary celebratory weekend in Escondido.  Poor Shane is sick of hearing, I don't feel well or seeing me with a sour face.   


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