Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Trimester aka. "Scary"mester

Okay, so my 1st Trimester was not as full of excitement, as I'm sure some might be.  Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to be pregnant again, but I was scared from my recent experience and also got a major case of nausea around 6 weeks (that is finally subsiding, but not completely gone).  I awaited doctors appointments like they were Christmas, just to get that reassurance that everything was going okay this time around.  The time did indeed pass and here we are past week 12!  We've had 2 ultrasounds, heard a strong healthy heartbeat and had our 1st Trimester Screening yesterday.  We are thrilled with the results and now can finally get excited.   

Let's catch you up, how in the heck I am 12 weeks along, didn't I just miscarry on 4th of July?  Well yes, I sure did.  It was beyond hard and as a result, we threw caution to the wind, thinking there was no way in $(%# we would get pregnant again so fast and went on with our lives (at least we tried).  As planned, we went on vacation to Anguilla, went out with friends, drank wine/adult beverages, tried to get back into working out....  It was working at first, naturally I'd get sad sometimes, but I was able to think positive about what happened and get through it.  Until BAM, 4 weeks later, it was all over.  I was taking a Core Fusion class and felt like I was going to faint.  I was peeing all night, so naturally I turned to Advil PM (sleep and I are BFF, don't mess).  I would be excited to have cocktails with friends for some occasion and after a couple, I was over it.  I was back to crying at the drop of a hat.

WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME?  I called my doc and said you need to take my blood, I think my hormones are screwy from the pregnancy.  My life is not normal.  I can't do anything I used to. I feel horrible.  So I mozzied into the office and had blood drawn.  She called me the next day and said, are you sitting down?  I immediately thought, oh no, there's something REALLY wrong with me.  And she came out said, based on your hormone levels, it looks like you're about 5 weeks pregnant.  WHAT?!  Are you sure?  Maybe it's the old hormones and she said, no it's definitely not.  So I made an appointment and went in the following week to have an ultrasound and there on the screen was a little fuzzy gummy bear looking he/she.  I was in love.  Scared, but in love already.
Baby Ball's first photo
I wont even tell you what Shane thought BB (Baby Ball) looked like. :)

What did this mean?  Was I going to miscarry again because it happened so soon?  The doctor couldn't guarantee anything, but said that everything looked good, so far.  My lining wasn't too thin and I was probably going to be okay because I didn't have to have a D&C.  PHEW.  The next week, I went back in for another ultrasound and the baby was growing exactly as it's supposed to.  So, here we are, just over 12 weeks and finally able to share our news with the world!

12 weeks and counting
 Still in the "is she fat or damn, she should lay off the bag bagels" phase, but it's a start!

More to come... 



  1. Congrats Sam!!!! Hope you and bump (and hubby) are well. xoxo

  2. You are tooooo freaking CUTE!!! So soooo happy for you and cannot wait to follow you on your journey to mamahood!!