Thursday, November 10, 2011

FINALLY... I am human again.

self portrait - weeks 6-16

Wow, that was the world's longest hang over and to think it wasn't even from drinking?!  Wondering what in the heck I'm talking about, well if you've ever experienced  "morning sickness" (let me clear my throat and say bullshit, all day sickness), it sucks, BUT the good news is it has finally passed (KNOCK ON EVERYTHING AROUND YOU, just in case).  I can finally enjoy my growing mid section and the little being inside me!  Yippee!

Bet you didn't know, I heart drugs!

Explanation: Unfortunately, before I could enjoy officially being nausea free, I caught a terrible cold.  Let me just tell you, being sick and pregnant double sucks.  I didn't realize what a druggy I was, until I couldn't take any for my recent cold. After a weekend of sniffles and trouble breathing through both my nose and mouth, I reached out to my doctor who said I could take Benadryl.  It dried me up real nice, but made the insomnia I was experiencing worse (gave me a whole new meaning to Up All Night, practice? Maybe!), either way- NO BUENO.  Long story short, I'm better now and happy, happy, happy.  Unfortunately I missed this 'happy' feeling on my bday, but que sera sera, on to greener pastures, there's always next year!

Next up, Thanksgiving and the holidays, woohoo!  My favorite time of year.   


P.S. Stay healthy!

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