Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vinegar = Miracle Stain Remover?

If you know me, you know I'm a tad clumsy at times. Well, the other night was no exception. I was trying to cork some fancy new balsamic vinegar we received for the holidays when the bottle flew out of my hands and Balsamic Vinegar (you know the VERY dark colored one) flew every where - the table (no biggie), our cream colored linen West Elm chairs (HUGE biggie), Adrienne's grey knit UGG boots (even BIGGER biggie) and the light beige carpet.  Can you say freak out attack?  
I was calculating the cost of this spill in my head- one new chair $100 something, new boots for Adrienne $100 something, stains on the carpet that I have to look at until my landlord replaces it (you can't even put a price on that with my OCD) and then JILLIAN ROSE saved the day.  
"Just use white vinegar and it will remove the stains," says Jilly.  Thank goodness for Siri, blog author of Siriously Delicious I had white vinegar on hand from all the experimental cooking I've been doing these days with her fabulous recipes. 

White Vinegar I have a NEW found love for you!
(even though you stink)

 All we had to do was dab the excess balsamic and put some white vinegar on a towel and start spot cleaning the spots.  Other than everything smelling like an Easter egg dying fest, the chairs, boots and carpet are all clean. 

Here's Jilly assisting on a little more spot cleaning of the carpet. 


 If you know me, you also know I'm a total clean freak, so while we were on the ground spotting, I grabbed some Resolve and cleaned a few more spots. 

Phew, thank goodness for wacky remedies that work. 
Happy Cleaning!!


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