Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy 3rd Night of Hanukkah and My Cookbook

Here's a little picture of our festival of lights!

So far so good in lighting our candles every night and opening gifts, lets see if we can make it to the end.

In a recent post, I blogged about the cookbook I made for our family with Blurb for the holidays. 
Yesterday, I received the final product in the mail and in trying to make myself feel better about it's miniature size I went and got out several of my cook books. 

You see mine is the blue one, so it's not the smallest I've seen, but...
It could be used for a cabbage patch kid or you can take it with you in your purse to the market, so you have the ingredients for the recipe you're shopping for.
At least these are the silver lining bright side of things I'm trying to see right now. 
Hopefully the family will love it non the less and not ride me too hard about it's wee size. 
I'm still trying to get them to forget my little Carlin/Lopez gift mishap a few years back. 
The moral of the story is maybe buying gifts is better/easier than making them after all!
And order 1 copy before ordering all 18. 
The end. 
Happy Holidays!


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  1. Your chanukah is looking festive! Ours is scaled back thanks to how expensive NY living is... However, I think your cookbook is a great idea and there is nothing wrong with its size! Perfect for grabbing spur of the moment and sticking in your purse before you go shop!