Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A funny childhood story and then what today's kiddos are into!

When I was young it was ALL about Cabbies (Cabbage Patch Kids).  
I received my first one for Christmas from my dad.  
He went shopping Christmas day (in very typical last minute dad style),
so there weren't many choices of Cabbies left. 
For lack of better ways to put it my first baby had darker skin.  
She kinda looked like this
Her name was Pauline Essy. 
And I LOVED her more than anything. 
What I love more is that I was raised to be appreciative of ALL gifts and the color of her skin didn't even cross my little mind until I returned to school from Christmas break... 

The reason I even bring this up is because I was reminiscing about my childhood and dollies.  
You see, tomorrow night, one of my BFFs Kelly is arriving for a last minute visit with her hubby and little girl Ella and on Thursday we are headed to American Girl at The Grove. 
I don't know who's more excited, me or Ella? 
Probably me because she has NO idea what she's in for yet.
And I do because I was just online designing my very own American Girl doll that looks just like me (unlike you know who). 
It's Ella's 4th Birthday and what a birthday it will be. 
She gets to visit her Auntie Sam and Uncle Shane, go to American Girl and get a doll, see Bon Bon, then off to Disneyland for her first time with mommy, daddy and the Ange family.
She's one lucky chickie and I can't wait to share these special moments with her.

Can't wait for the Creedon family arrival tomorrow night!


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