Thursday, January 6, 2011

LIFESAVERS and Finders Keepers!

Like many, Shane and I started off the New Year wanting to get back into a healthy routine, walking around the country club, him doing PT, me going to the gym/yoga/Pilates...  You get the picture.  

Day 1, Monday, I hit the gym only to find out they were closing the Brentwood location. You know that gym that's located directly across the street and is the only place I can make it to after my 40 mile commute (each way).  BOO Bodies N Motion! I was beyond bummed.  I had just joined several months ago and liked that it was affordable, all women and I could take a variety of classes in addition to use the equipment.  What now?  Luckily the Brentwood Country Club is also across the street from my house and I still have yoga and Pilate's DVDs which I can supplement with taking classes here and there. 

After finding out the disappointing news of the gym closing, I went home and did my Windsor Pilate's DVD.  With all this New Year, New Me motivation, I guess I worked out harder than I should have and pulled or pinched something in my upper back/neck. Ouch. Perfect, there is nothing like being in pain for a long drive, work and trying to get back into shape.  Pain schmain, I wasn't going to give into it.  I believe Barney suggested heat, well let me tell you, it worked.  Thank you heating pad, you are a LIFESAVER!
Day 2 of working out, Jilly came over and joined Shane and I for a walk around the CC.  Thanks to her handy dandy iPhone and the Nike Challenge, we now know that it's 2.5 miles from our front door.  I really should start doing it twice.  The walk was nice, we caught up and discussed Jill's new business, Capture, the holidays...  Towards the end of our walk, I spotted money on the ground, a $100 bill to be exact.  Of course I didn't hesitate and picked it up.  I couldn't believe it and thought it had to be fake, like an advertisement of sorts.  NOPE, it was real.  I debated on giving it to the Church I found it in front of, but I didn't.  I've found money before and have given it to the bank who's floor I found it on (yeah right they will call you if the owner doesn't come back and ask for it), or to the person who dropped it, or put it on black 7 when I found it in a casino, but this time it was Finders Keepers for lucky, lucky me...  One new mattress pad, strainer, a couple towels later and I've still got a few bucks to spare.  Woohoo!

Winter Bowling 2011 starts tonight.  Do we sandbag or bowl our hearts out?  I don't think I'm capable of sandbagging, but hope that I suck, so I have a high handicap for the season. Wink wink.  


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