Sunday, January 9, 2011

Celebs, little things around the house and needles?

=VERY needed weekend
It started out with dinner with Olga and Vince to celebrate her upcoming birthday at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica.  I pulled a Sam when choosing the restaurant, thought we had a $40 (that I bought for $20), but it was for the Bungalow Club, oops. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Buffalo Club, but was super embarrassed when I busted out my coupy and it was for a different place.  Luckily I pulled it out and Vince noticed that it wasn't the right restaurant before giving it to the waiter.  Embarrassment averted, at least partially.  
If you know Olga, you know she travels a great deal for work and tends to have star sightings in airports across the country, which she gives us updates on Facebook about.  Well Friday, we hit the jackpot in celeb sightings.  Started off with seeing Isla Fisher at a neighboring table, can you say flawless? Then I noticed that Isla was with Chelsey Handler (eweee, not a big fan, especially after our bathroom run in where she was a total B to Olga). In walks Lionel Richie, woohoo, now we've got a party! A little later into our meal a petite blonde turned around and who was it?  None other than Reese Witherspoon.  Stars don't generally excite me, but Lionel and Reese, had us all excited.

Here's my sneaky attempt at taking pics of Vince and Olga and capturing everyone else.   

I had the best view of everyone "all night long"
 Don't worry Olga definitely got us talking to Lionel who is SO down to earth and hasn't aged a bit. 
His advice, never live for yesterday, always live in the present and look forward!
The BEST part of the evening was when the restaurant raised the volume of their ambient music and played "All Night Long," the house went crazy. Everyone threw there hands in the air and began to sing, including Reese who could not be cuter.  It was a great moment and I realize that you probably had to be there to feel the excitement, but whatever, I'm still giddy about it.  Happy Happy Early Birthday to OG! 
 Little things around the house...
Saturday was dedicated to Spring cleaning (I know it's Winter), but we needed to go through our closets and re-organize some stuff.  We also did some handy work.  Hung up my new card holder that I picked up from Pottery Barn's holiday sale, and black out curtains in our guest bedroom. Getting ready for MIL's (mother-in-law) visit next weekend.  Felt good to be home and get things done. 

 Love, love, love our new and improved wall of friend fame! 

 Great item all year long for all the wedding invitations, birth announcements...

So needles, yes needles, why needles?  Well, I am terrified of them, but that didn't stop me from going to try out acupuncture Saturday afternoon.  An alternative medicine doctor I'm seeing suggested I do it and I'm all about trying new things to promote better health naturally. It wasn't bad at all, I even found it enjoyable and booked a second pin cushion appointment next weekend.  Look forward to blogging about results a few weeks from now.  
Saturday evening and Sunday proved to be productive, while nice and relaxing.  Movies, football, napping, homemade soup and breaky in bed for Shane.  It was a very nice weekend indeed.  I had to miss another good friend's wine tasting birthday weekend, which was very sad.  I know our girls showed her a great time though and was there in spirit.   And another friend's bday in Newport...  Finding balance isn't always fun and I've never been good at it, but I'm learning.  Happy Birthday to Katers and Megan!  Love you girls!


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