Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ballin on a budget and keeping in shape!

It's actually not that hard in LA!  See the new pink is to have a gym, boutique studio for pilates, bar, cycling, circuit training, need I go... on every street corner.  The great thing about all these gyms taking over our city is NOT that everyone around me keeps getting thinner, but it is the new student introductions they all offer.  You see, I don't have a ton of dough left over after all my expenses have been paid, but I do fancy working out in these lovely facilities all over town.
For those of you in the same boat, I've found a way to work the system and keep things exciting.
Here's my workout tale...
I started with Bar Method over last summer.  I bought their new student intro, 1 month unlimited for $100.  Not bad when you go 3 or 4 times a week and classes run $21 individually, unless you can afford a crazy package. 
Then I did the two weeks unlimited at Yoga Works for $30 (this might not be the offer, they change it from time to time).  I went 6 times and totally got my bang for the buck.  Love this place.  In one class, some hottie granola bar serenaded us with his guitar while the instructor taught.  Amazing....
I supplement all this with walking around the Country Club a few times a week, which I now know is 2.5 miles from my house on Montana (thanks to Jillian's iPhone Nike Challenge App).
Then I joined Bodies N Motion.  Killer deal.  No sign up fee, $65 a month.  Great new, clean facility with a variety of classes.  Thought I'd do this for 6 months or at least the winter while I couldn't walk as much, but to my dismay they closed the Brentwood location. No promotion for them. 
So now today I'm trying cycling at  realryder cycling studio and I'm terrified.  I've never been to a cycling studio.  I tried it at the gym once a million years ago, but I hear it's hard and I will be sore.  The first class is free and I bought a package of 5 classes for $30 on www.livingsocial.com my new favorite local discount site. 
I intend to workout all over my neighborhood until I'm Giselle Bundchen or I've exhausted all my options, not sure which will come first. 
Wish me luck on my ongoing journey to stay healthy and in shape! 


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