Monday, May 17, 2010

You know what they say...

... when the husband's away...


Sorry for the hard to see picture.
I found this Jewelry Tree at Pier 1 Imports (For only $24) and just had to share!
I thought my first jewelry tree rocked until I soon realized that I stack way too many on each branch and were still getting tangled.
I like to believe I would wear jewelry more if it wasn't such a pain to find matching earrings and untangle necklaces.
This tree is HUGE and really keeps them organized, plus I love the little bird on top
and Anthropologie looking style of it.

A while back I posted about darling silver nesting bowls from Pottery Barn and well BOO, they sent me a store credit with a letter saying they were sold out. :(
So I went another direction and started collecting little bowls from various home stores
Sur La Table, Cost Plus... All were relatively cheap (under $10) or as my mom likes to correct me, inexpensive and I'm so happy with how organized and handy all my earrings and rings are!

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