Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nicolas Sparks...

So I'm not much of a reader, but as of late I've been trying to read more.
Recently I've managed to finish two Nicolas Sparks books that I thought were FANTASTIC!

The Last Song

and Dear John

Both were easy reads, great to relax with while traveling. Now I'm headed to the theaters to see if the movies do them any justice. You won't find a Miley Cyrus hater on this blog.

Meanwhile, Shane is reading some book about the economy and tried to tell me about it on the plane when I cut him off and said, babe we should Biore your nose tonight. While he learns, I escape into la la land. I love him for loving me!


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  1. You will LOVE every single one of his books. If you loved The Notebook, read The Wedding, as it is a follow up. I've read all of his work, and the only one I didn't love was Two Weeks With My Brother...

    Happy Reading Lovely!