Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Lady is 80!

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma Wanda!

Shane's grandma is truly one of the sweetest woman I've ever met.
All she wanted for her birthday was a crab sandwich from Nick's with her family!
She even made up a little ditty about her turning 80 and the sandwich.
This lady is 80 and she's getting a crab sandwich...

Nick's did not disappoint and if you are ever in Pacifica,
you must stop in and enjoy one of their famous crab sandwiches!
Tried to find a pic of the scrumbtiousness, but nothing did it justice!

While in town, we got to celebrate Mother's day with a few of the special mother's in our lives.
Although I missed my momma, it was special to spend this day spoiling other mommies that deserve to be recognized! it's back to the grind and I couldn't be happier to be home. I missed our new little home and even work! There's something to be said about routine, at least for me! This week has been all about catching up so far. Shane's off to Jason Rose's bachelor party in Scottsdale this weekend (which there probably wont be pictures of, there never are). And I'm set for a relaxing girlie weekend sprinkled with a bit of celebrating Olga's graduation from USC Marshall School of Business, Congrats! And a little goodbye brunch for Amy who's moving to London to join Joey in a few short weeks.

PS. Ady just moved to the Westside! Welcome Bestie, I couldn't be more excited to have you close!


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