Monday, September 19, 2011

More Babies...

This past weekend, I made the journey to Santa Rosa to celebrate my beautiful friend Amy and sweet Baby Lucia on the way.  After an 8 hour drive on Friday, we went to a favorite winery- Mazzocco, where we got to see the Seaton and Cromie families, listen to live music, enjoy some eats and tasty wine!  
Saturday we had Amy's shower at her dear high school friend Lindsay's parent's house. Gotta love Nor Cal, where peoples families live close and have homes and wineries to host special events!  It was a gorgeous day and things couldn't have gone more perfect.  

Here are some photos and details from the shower. 
 Glowing Momma to Be

I'm tellin you, a little bit of ribbon on a Classico or capers jar makes the cutest flower vase!

My amazing mother slaved away making chocolate covered caramel pretzels for the favors.
(I helped with 6 out of 45 and they were a lot tougher than you would think)
Thanks Mo Mo, you are the best!

 Always a fan of the clothes line.
Knitted items by my momma!

Can't ever have enough CHEESE!

Perfect weather in a beautiful backyard. 
Couldn't have been more perfect!

Gifts galore.

-Diaper game-
We wrote messages on diapers for Amy and Luke to enjoy while they are changing sweet Lucia.

The food. 
Grammy's chicken salad croissant sandwiches
(I will try to get this recipe from the one of the hosts, as it's too yummy not to share)
Yummy green salad
Fruit salad
LA LA Love You framed print for baby Lucia's room made perfect decor. 
(Lucia Arizona- initials LA)
Get yours here.

The infamous fingerprint tree guestbook.
Always a hit, buy a variety here.

The hostesses and momma to be.
Let the countdown for baby Lucia's arrival begin!
She's going to be a little Scorpio like her Auntie Sam, yippee. 


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