Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still as cute at 32!

Happy 32nd birthday Boo Boos!
(Shane as a blondie kidlet below)

Friday, June 18th, your birthday continues!

In our going on 4 years together, we've had quite the run of celebrations,
here's a glimpse of them.

Year 1: Happy 29th at The Standard Rooftop Pool
Downtown, LA

Year 2: The BIG 3-0
at Zu Robata

Year 3: Just as fun at 31!
at Ivy at the Shore

Year 3 cont: BBQ with friends!
The Carlton, Brentwood

The Party Continues this year as Shane turns 32!
Friends and family will celebrate with us in the desert at the Palm Springs Riviera!

You are so very loved babe.
I hope you remember that on all days, not just your birthday.
We can't thank all our friends and family enough for celebrating with us!


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