Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DD-Day (Due Date Day)

Just shy of 40 weeks!

It's hard to believe that after over a year of being pregnant, minus 3 weeks, today is my due date.  In most ways this pregnancy flew by and in others it feels like I've been pregnant for a lifetime.  Tonight we will check into the hospital to be induced with Cervidel and hope that sends me into labor by tomorrow morning.  Who knows, by this time tomorrow, we could be holding our baby girl?! 

So many feelings are rushing through my body, I thought I should blog about them before I forget!  The oddest of the feelings is this sense of calm that has come over me, since my last doctor's appointment and deciding to induce.  I really wanted everything to happen naturally-lose my MP, have my water break, labor at home for a while and head to the hospital around 4 cm, BUT as your told in class and quickly learn with pregnancy, you have to be flexible with your ideas and desired birth plan.  The decision to induce came from my doctor and I after weighing the facts and options.  Little London is already thought to be a good size, in the 7lbs. range.  I haven't gained a lb. in a month in a half (oops), not for lack of trying, I've eaten plenty and indulged at times, I just haven't gone crazy.  Side note, the belly and baby have grown, so the lack of weight gain isn't that huge a deal, it probably just adds to the uncomfort because there is no where for her to go.  Baby isn't a big mover, so it's hard to get healthy kick counts of 10 moves in a 2 hour period (she just likes to nap a lot like her mommy).  Also, my amniotic fluid was in the low range at 35 weeks and has probably depleted some since then.  After your due date, risks of the baby pooping inside go up and your placenta starts to go bad.  With that said, she seems to be perfectly healthy, so why not get her out.  Fine by me.  When you're ready, you're ready and I'm READY (well, as ready as I'll ever be for labor).

So, that's the plan!  It was weird saying goodnight to Shane last night.  It's the last night in our bed that we'll be a family of 2.  I cannot wait to meet our baby girl and introduce her to the world.

Here's to hoping I don't freak out at the needles and can continue to feel that nothing matters, so long as our baby girl is healthy! More on that later! 


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  1. YAYAYAYAY! It will be great. Same way it went down with us! Good luck and keep us posted...cannot wait to meet baby girl and see you as a MAMA!