Tuesday, April 3, 2012

39 Weeks?!

Photo taken a few days shy of 38 weeks.

Time has flown and I can hardly believe I'm a week away from my due date.
I remember finding out I was pregnant and thinking this day was so far away.
With that said, I'm very ready to meet this baby girl!
I've had lots of pregnant friends and remember their want/need for the baby to come at this point and I always wondered if that would happen to me?
First of all, I'm pretty terrified of birth and all things involving hospitals and needles, so I thought I'd just want to avoid the end, but the day came about a week ago and I was DONE, like stick a fork in me, I don't care about pain, birth or huge needles, just get this baby out of me!
For multiple reasons I thought she was coming early, now I don't know so much.
I've been doing yoga, walking the whole country club again (despite the pain) and today I'm off to get this infamous salad that brings on labor. 
Click here to check it out!
Here's to hoping she makes her debut later this week or at least by her due date. 
Till then, it's sweet dreams of meeting our little one and lots of complaining. 
Sorry hubs, I was good most of my pregnancy.

In other news, last weekend, we had the plea sure of watching sweet baby Jax! 
It was a great test run and he was amazing.
I can hardly wait till our next babysitting adventure with him.
We took him to farmers market and he loved it.

Finally a place to store our produce, heehee.
Not going to lie, the looks at my big ol belly with this small baby were pretty priceless.
Whatever judgers, Tori Spelling did it!

My favorite part of the day was watching Shane interact with him.



  1. Oh my gosh I cannot believe how CLOSE YOU ARE. It is going to be great. Stay present and don't have any expectations. That is what got me through the big day and every day since. Cannot wait to see you, babe in arms. xo

    1. Thanks Katy, that is excellent advice! Such a flurry of emotions leading up to that day... Looking forward to whatever it may bring! Can't wait to get together soon after she's born. Stella is going to have to show her the ropes this summer! Xoxo