Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obsessed with and

Who's not a fan of convenience?
I normally do my errands, aka. Target, Traders, Dollar Store, Cleaners, Home Goods... when I go into my office in Simi Valley.
As anyone on the West side knows, our Targets are few and far between. (insert SAD face here)
Trader Joes are EXTREMELY crowded and parking sucks.
Dollar Store is just more convenient in Simi.
Cleaners is less than half the price and does a better job.
And Home Goods in Simi is WAY nicer... 
Anyhow, I was turned on to as a place to register for my baby shower.
They have an amazing array of products, tons of helpful reviews, the site is easy to navigate and things are competitively priced. 
Did I mention the ship and arrive in like 2 days, HELLO- LOVE!
While on the site, I started to navigate the sites attached and discovered which is THE BOMB! 
Both sites send coupons all the time, so in addition to the already well priced merch, you get additional discounts and it's easy to get free shipping too. 
I heart coupons and discounts (it's kinda a game to me, don't even get me started on GAP and Banana Republic). 
Yesterday, I ordered some of my favorite products right now.

Baby or not, this stuff is amazing.

As I've gotten older, I've become more and more cautious of chemicals in things I use often.
I've replaced most of my cleaning supplies with J.R. Watkins
I use this stuff on everything-walls, counters... and it smells good-BONUS!
You can buy on or they do carry the line at Target.

Even our everyday lotions are filled with Cancer causing chemicals.
Not this one! 
Smells yummy too.

I've been man down again, SICK, SICK, SICK with what will be my LAST cold while pregnant. 
I'm on the mends, but have had my butt kicked once again. 
This is day 6 and I'm still struggling.
3rd Trimester is hard enough as it is.
Cold, PLEASE GO AWAY!  Thanks.
We've got a big weekend ahead of us that I'm looking oh so forward to! 
Shane has deemed Friday night, DATE NIGHT until the baby comes. 
It's always been "our" night, but we normally just stay home, cook, get take out and watch movies.
Since we'll be doing a lot of staying home, Shane has decided to be CUTER than Cute and make resos at local restaurants we've been dying to try.
This Friday is Capo.
I've heard great things, can't wait to report.
We had to cancel our first baby class last weekend, but we have another one this weekend. 
Infant CPR, here we come.

P.S. Another positively amazing feature of
When you register with them, they give you a $50 credit for every $500 spent on your registry.  We basically got our crib mattress for free!  Woohoo.

Happy Shopping and Cleaning!



  1. Capo is sick and wrong and amazing. Maybe our favorite. You will love! Hope you feel 100% by then : )

    1. YAY! Every Thursday when we were bowling, we'd drive by and I'd say, I want to go THERE! FINALLY. Looking so forward to it. Keep the recos coming. I often steal ideas from you my little foodie friend. Let's play again soon! XO