Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Capo, Infant CPR, 34 weeks...

Follow up to date night at Capo!
Capo is the real deal, definitely among the finer dinning experiences I've had in my life! 
However, it will be reserved for VERY special occasions in the future.
(don't get me wrong, taking advantage of not having a bambino yet IS special, but not quite Capo Special)
Had to snap a shot of the $275 Russian Golden Beluga on the menu.
So despite the fact that I could have bought a piece of furniture for the price of our dinner, I have to say the food, service, environment and company all get an A+!
I wish I had pics of the food (but this is like a nice, no cell phones allowed kinda establishment), since I don't, here's a recap on the delicious food!
We started with fresh veggies and burrata and mushroom porcini soup (oh me, oh my)
Followed by a half order of their corn raviolis (the waiter said life changing and he wasn't kidding).
I ordered the Salmon Special which was grilled to perfection on this amazing stove they have.
(it was only $60, no biggie)
Shane ordered the Lobster Risotto, super rich but delish!
For dessert we had a blackberry crisp with their homemade vanilla ice cream.
Lastly, we received a complimentary plate of goodies from the pastry chef (hello, this could have been dessert). 
A miniature array of cookies, chocolates and biscotti. 
I couldn't eat another bite, but I didn't hesitate to ask for a doggie bag for the treats!
Ate them the next day and they were unbelievable. 
My love and I waiting for valet! 
My Target dress (not maternity and found in the juniors section) for under $20 was a BIG hit.
Would have just looked cheap and trashy if I weren't pregs, but for some reason a cotton tight striped dress looks rather cute with a belly (at least I think so).
Buy here.

We spent the rest of the weekend laying low. 
Sunday was our Infant CPR class.
Teacher was great, here's his website.
So glad we took it, but could have watched a tutorial online and probably learned just as much. 
Don't get me wrong, it's all VERY important and I appreciate the knowledge and ideas for emergency lists... but the actual infant CPR has been so simplified over the years.
In short, if victim is not responsive or breathing?
Begin chest compressions with two fingers. 
These compressions are at the point on the breast bone, at the nipple line.
Do 30 pushes (1/3 of chest depth)
If no response, lift victims chin and give two easy breaths (breaths have been omitted for adults).
Continue to do this until victim responds or help arrives. 
Glad Shane and I will be prepared in the event any little ones need us.
Hoping that will NEVER be the case!
Hard at work, practicing my technique.


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