Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To the Dark Side and Beyond!

A while back I blogged about my new Blackberry, well I'm afraid, I've totally cheated on my BB with a NEW 4G iPhone.  
And folks, I am completely hopelessly in L.O.V.E. with it.
Here are few apps that have me wanting more...

No silly, it's not a super hero and that's not even it's logo, but I thought it was funny!
It's a music app that allows you to "Shazam" and find whatever song is playing. 
All I have to say is I am such a tool burger that I was Shazaming up in da club last weekend in Vegas. 
Ask me if I'm embarrassed? 
NO and I have new workout music, whoop whoop!

Another fab app:

Danger, danger... this thing has me entering everything that enters my mouth.
Not sure if that's good or bad quite yet?
And really wish that my number of calories for the day was like the picture above 2100, seriously? Must be for a guy...
Basically with this little appy, you enter your weight and your goal weight and track your calories and exercise and it tells you where to be at...
You can play with your friends and motivate each other. 
It's pretty much brills.

Currently don't have any other apps, so I'm taking suggestions for any apps or features you may love on your iPhone! 


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