Friday, March 19, 2010

We Bowl

Spare Me...

Every Thursday evening, we head down to BayShore Lanes on Pico and 4th (Yes, where the infamous Big Lebowski was filmed!). We joined the TNT league a few years back, making this our 4h nonconsecutive season. The original members were:

  • Captain Britney Spares (aka. Sam Doss, at the time)
  • Baller (aka. Shane Ball)
  • Z- (aka. Eric Zurbrugg)
  • Secret Weapon (aka. Harleez Ward)

After a short hiatus and a crazy 2009, Spare Me is back in full effect, family style. Our team now consists of...

  • Captain Britney Spares (now Sam Ball)
  • Zizzle (Still Eric Zurbrugg)
New Members:
  • Daddy Dizzle (aka. Greg Doss)
  • You Good? (aka. Wesley Doss)
Honorary Team Member and Cheerleader due to injury
  • BALLER (aka. Shane Ball)

Bowling has become one of our favorite things to do. We've definitely improved, although we are having a rough season. I used to try and break 100(100 or in the...) and now it's trying to break a 150. Season's about half way through, looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I'll be back with pics of the current team, as the ones above are of the OG team!

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