Monday, December 5, 2011

Cold Season -2 / Sam-0 AND It's a GIRL!

There's so much I've been wanting to write, but instead I've been man down for the second time this cold and flu season.  GRRRRRR.  I'm seriously begining to think MJ was onto something with the whole face mask thing. 

Don't judge if you see me rockin one of this bad boys over the next few months.
Being sick SUCKS.
Being sick pregnant DOUBLE SUCKS!

Now that I'm almost done being sick, onto more important topics, like the ever awaited confirmation that we're indeed having a BABY GIRL!  We had our 20 week ultrasound last Tuesday (despite being sick, I wasn't going to miss or reschedule this appt. for anything).  We went to a wonderful perinatal doctor-  Dr. Silverman for this appointment.  Our ultrasound was on a huge screen and was completely fascinating.  They measured every little important thing in her body and seeing all four chambers of her heartbeat and all the details of her brain developing was amazing. 
Then, about midway through the appointment, the moment came. 
Doc: Do you want to know the sex?
Us: YES!!!
Doc: It's 100% a healthy baby GIRL

We are so excited and in love already! In addition to the exciting news,  I felt my first real kick during the ultrasound and have felt a few since.  There is nothing better than feeling this little life inside of me.
Shane is getting used to the idea of having a little girl that melts his heart and he can't say NO to. He's  completely on board with being out numbered, so long as I don't go overboard with PINK in the nursery!  Lucky for him, I'm not a big pink person anyways and tend to like neutral decor with pops of color.  I normally like more vintage girly things, but right now, I'm really digging the modern baby stuff.  It will probably be a mish mash of love and hopefully it will come together nicely. 
So here we are, 21 weeks and thrilled as can be to meet our baby girl in less than 4 months.  Holly geese, that's going to come quick. 
Since I was sick over the weekend, I spent time searching the internet for crib bedding.  This has been no easy task for me.  Making decisions these days isn't easy.  I found several I liked, but there's always one thing I would change.  I think I've narrowed it down though and have the one I like.  Still on a hunt, but for now, this is what I think I'm going to go with.  I'll add pops of cherry pink and orange in the room elsewhere to girly it up!
  Oilo Modern Berries- Taupe
Click here for Oilo website
Loving their simplicity and modern sheek designs. 

Lastly, we received our first peice of furniture for the nursery, yippee! 
 Window Day Bed from West Elm (love this place)
Buy here.
   We plan to fill it with pillows and use it as a comfy place to sit or sleep.  
Let the decorating and filling the nursery with LOVE begin.  


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  1. Congrats! That is going to be one adorable mini little Sam : )

    Glad you're feeling better!